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1967-1985 – Chris Koppert & Frank Moons, founders and owners of BBB Cycling, start racing bikes together at age six. For sixteen years all they did was ride and race. They ride in the same team, they compete against each other and even where part of the Dutch Team for some time. Both win national and international races. Chris even manages to claim a Dutch Champion in 1980. In 1985 they switched gears from racing to careers in the cycling industry.
1991 – Chris en Frank start their own business importing several cycling brands to cycling-crazy Netherlands.
1997 – After years racing their bikes the duo have very explicit ideas of what makes a proper bike product. They decide to develop their own under the BBB brand name and start selling them to local bike shops, using a shop-in-shop display to present the products conveniently. Among the first products you would find sport glasses, pumps and bar ends. And certainly shoecovers and wintergloves inspired by the notorious Dutch weather. Packaging, catalogues, and even some products, feature a denim pattern to reflect the timelessness of the brand.
1998 – Looking across the border, BBB presents itself together with its first distributor for Germany on the infamous Eurobike tradeshow for the first time. A twelve page brochure is enough to present a productline consisting of 36 items.
1999 – There are more people in the world looking for no-nonsense bike products that just work. BBB manages to secure distribution in 18 countries. Some of them just around the corner of our international headquarters in Leiden, Netherlands. Some as far out as New Zealand and Japan.

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2000 – BBB product developement really starts to get on a role and comes out with more designs and products. It’s also the year of our first advertisement. The WinterStop winter gloves are our first-ever product to win a test.
2003 – The BBB logo gets a refreshener and changes into now well-known cycling crank flashes. Additions to the product line include a carbon seatpost, saddles, CO2 cartridges and some of these new-fangled disc brake pads for hydraulic disc brakes.
2004 – Our first foray into professional cycling is a succesful one. Magnus Bäckstedt of the Alessio-Bianchi road team wins the famous Paris-Roubaix classic. The mountainbiking world is on fire with a new discipline called ‘freeriding’ and a tribal-inspired logo is introduced to use on these hard-wearing components.
2005-2007 – The second pro team that receives sponsoring support from BBB does us proud! Team Quick-Step Innergetic riders score three consecutive road racing world champions. All wearing a pair of BBB sport glasses; Tom Boonen (2005) and Paolo Bettini (2006 and 2007). In 2005 we also introduce a pair of sport glasses called the Winner, still a popular model to this day. A coincidence? You tell us, but it sure looks good!
2006 – We step up our sponsoring support by adding a mountainbiking team to our roster. The Bianchi-Agos-Liquigas team sees their team rider Julien Absalon ride to a World and European championship title wearing BBB sport glasses. BBB’s product line evolves and now needs an eighty page brochure including 549 products.
2008 – The OvalIntegrate pump wins BBB’s first Eurobike design award. Proof that a crazy idea of a pump that sits flush on the tubes of your frame can win you a prize. The product range expands further and further, now offering more than 1200 products. A big renovation of the head office offers the opportunity to expand; both marketing and product development departments keep on growing.
2009 – After a two year development stage BBB introduces helmets as a new product group. The Falcon and Everest are the flagships models. Through sponsoring of another ProTour team, the French legend Team Cofidis, the Falcon is introduced in the Pro road peloton. The mountainbiking team TX Active-Bianchi wears the Everest on the XC courses of the Mountainbike World Cup. Roel Paulissen wins his second world championship title in marathon mountainbiking, wearing Impact sport glasses when he does.

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2010 – Czech cyclocross supertalent Zdenek Stybar wins the cyclocross World Championships in 2010 and again in 2011. A BBB Impact sport glasses keeps his eyes clear of the associated mud. BBB returns as a supplier of helmets, glasses and computers for Team Quick-Step. This results in an awesome few days in the 2010 Tour de France in which both yellow (Chavanel) and dotted (Pineau) jerseys are on the backs of BBB –supported riders. 2010 also marks the start of a long term partnership on the road, sponsoring the young and ambitious Vacansoleil cycling team.
2011 – BBB’s collection has grown to include 1581 products. We literally offer products for any cyclist! By this time we have moved far past the ‘parts’ label that we have assigned to our brand in the early days and a decision is made to approach the world as a true cycling brand. From now on BBB can be found on The 2011 Tour de France sees 3 teams that can count on BBB’s product support: Cofidis, Quick-Step and Vacansoleil-DCM. BBB supports new formed BMC Mountainbike Racing team with, amongst other products, helmets and sport glasses. Team frontman Moritz Milatz wins the strongly contended German Champion in the XC and Marathon disciplines.
2012 – Addition of the Rose-Vaujany team. A gravity-oriented mountainbike team with an selection of talented riders in 4X, downhill and enduro. Nico Vink scores BBB’s first gravity win during a Nissan European Downhill Cup. The dealerfinder is the most popular page on our website, in 41 countries you can now find a BBB dealer near you. Over the years BBB has evolved into far more than just bike parts. We have created a range of over 1500 cycling products, spread out over more than 40 product groups. Whatever you would need to enjoy your ride more, we have a high quality product and offer you good value for money.

That’s why we feel we can truly say that BBB is All About Cycling.

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