BBB Sponsorships 2014

In 2004 BBB started sponsoring professional cycling and since then our products have supported ten world champions. Tom Boonen, Paolo Bettini (twice), Michael Rogers, Julien Absalon, Roel Paulissen, Jean Biermans, Zdenek Stybar (twice) and Joost Wichman have battled their way into the Rainbow Jersey with BBB world class products.

The co-operation we have with some of the best on and off road cyclists around is not only for publicity’s sake. Partnering with professional teams provides an incredibly valuable testing ground for our products and allows us access to feedback and ideas from the pro’s. The feedback we get back from these extremely demanding users, is directly feedback into further improvement of our products. The special hydrophobic coating on the Select special edition is just one example.
BBB marketing manager Frank van Eck: “In order to establish a partnership, BBB is always looking for a long-term partnership, for both parties to benefit. For 2014 we have spoken with multiple teams, but the conditions were not in line with the BBB strategy. In the end we develop and design products for the consumer, that are not only the best, but also offer value for money.”

With this vision BBB succeeded to be also in 2014 well represented, by sponsoring several teams with world class riders with our products:

  • Team Wanty-Groupe Gobert

    Sponsorships_Wanty_Featured image
  • Team Synergy Baku

    Sponsorships_Baku_Featured image
  • Team Bigla

    Sponsorships_Bigla_Featured image
  • Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team

    Sponsorships_Betch Superior Brentjens_Featured image
  • Radon Flow Team

    Sponsorships_Radon_Featured image
  • Team Stressless

    Sponsorships_Stressless_Featured image
  • Team BrandLoyalty

    Sponsorships_BrandLoyalty_Featured image
  • Team Activia

    Sponsorships_Activia_Featured image