Speed is your middle name

We are part of the cycling community for almost 25 years. Our passion and joy for cycling brings forward our biggest drive to create products that are different than the alternatives. Inspired by the conversations we had on the road and directed by our own view on technology.

Sports Glasses

Every cyclist needs a pair of sports glasses

Every sportive cyclist wears a pair of sports glasses. Not just useful for a sharp view and protection against the sun, or when those little bugs try to pierce your eyes. But, you’ll earn extra bonuspoints for style and good looks as well. We offer different kinds of sports glasses, always designed from a sportive cyclists perspective, provided with a clever touch from BBB.


Maartje Maria | Nutrition during exercise

A banana in your back pocket, sports drink in your bottle or perhaps a piece of apple pie on the way. If you just jump on the bike for an hour, you don't immediately need a whole supply of carbohydrates. But, when your journeys become longer and longer, it may be wise to eat something along the way. In this blog I will explain the basics of eating while cycling. What does nutrition look like during exercise?

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The Maestro helmet

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Bicycle tours in the Eifel

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