Rule the city streets

The city streets can be a real jungle. Keep riding smooth and keep looking good with the urban collection. Everything for your city bike and everyday commute.

Urban Saddles

Sit relaxed on your bike

The saddle. Maybe the most important part of the bike. Or at least, the part that causes the majority of problems. If you are a frequent commuter you want to ride your bike without any pains. That is why our assortment consists of saddles for upright, relaxed or active riding positions. Available in different versions: from base, al the way up to luxurious editions.




How to find the best light for your bicycle

How to select the best light for your situation can be a big task. So, we are glad to help you with this decision and you read all about it in this blog. We distinguish four different situations in which you can use a different light.

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How to replace disc brakes?

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How to replace your disc brake pads?

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