Carolin Schiff


Carolin Schiff



Date of Birth

03 / 01 / 1986


Bremen, Germany

Hi! I am Caro and I am a professional cyclist for Andy Schleck CP NVST Immo Losch. I also work for BBB Cycling in marketing (German market) and together with my boyfriend Vladi we own a bike shop in the north of Germany (Bremen, @riha_bikes). So as you can already notice a lot of my life revolves around bicycles feel free to follow me!

Carolin Schiff

What is your biggest achievement on the bike?

In 2019 I became German national champion in mountain road racing. I also won the national league and all jerseys (sprint & mountain jersey).

What is your biggest cycling goal?

Become a world champion ;-) But to keep one's feet on the ground I would say I would be very happy if I could go for a medal at national road racing. And becoming a national champion in cyclocross is a big dream too. My main goal for this season is also to be comfortable in UCI races and be able to have a determining influence on the race.

What is your favourite place or route to ride?

Mallorca. I love all the climbs on the west coast. And south California. I’ve been there during my studies (business administration) and since that time I love this place.

If you could choose one place in the world to cycle. What place would it be?


I would like to go to California again and discover all the places I did not see yet. 

Carolin Schiff
Carolin Schiff

Who is your favourite cycling buddy?

My boyfriend Vladi and my friends Stefano and John.

What is your favourite BBB product? And why?

For sure the Maestro MIPS and the Fuse glasses. And I really like the Ultrawear Zipperless shoe covers because I hate cold or wet feet.

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