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Modellnummer: BHT-12
  • Mikrofaser-Lenkerband
  • Perforierte Oberfläche zur Belüftung und Feuchtigkeitsabsorption
  • Abwaschbare Oberfläche in Lederoptik
  • Jede Rolle ist lang genug, um eine vollständige Abdeckung aller Lenkergrößen zu gewährleisten
  • Wasserfester Klebstoff
  • Inklusive Abklebeband und Lenkerstopfen
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SpeedRibbon Lenkerband

Feel the speed in your hands with the RaceRibbon. A lightweight and comfortable bartape that keeps you in control of your bike. The perforated surface allows moist to pass and keeps your bartape ventilated so that you can continue attacking without losing grip. Easy to wash and though surface to make it a durable choice for your speed machine!

SpeedRibbon SpeedRibbon
SpeedRibbon SpeedRibbon
SpeedRibbon SpeedRibbon


  • Dicke des Bandes (mm) 2.5
  • Griffe Besser
  • Werkstoff Mikrofaser
  • Dämpfung Durchschnittliche
  • Inklusive Abdeckband Ja
  • Inklusive Lenkerstopfen Ja
  • Fixierung Klebestreifen


  • Gewicht (g) 71
Damping level: 4

Damping level: 4

A handlebar tape with comfort level 3-6 offers average damping and combines the best of both worlds. It absorbs shocks and vibrations from the road surface well while retaining a feel for the road or surface you are riding on. Your hands will get less tired with more damping while control is still present.

Grip level: 5

Grip level: 5

A handlebar tape with grip level 4-6 or a better grip performs well in both dry and wet conditions. They strike a balance between grip and maneuverability. Offer a steady hold on the handlebars while still allowing some hand movement. These tapes are suitable for a variety of riding conditions.