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FlexRibbon Gel

Modellnummer: BHT-14
  • Hochwertiges Tape aus starkem und widerstandsfähigem Polyurethan mit Gel-Unterlage für extra Dämpfung
  • Anti-Rutsch-Diamantschliff-Design für hervorragenden Halt
  • Das spezielle, stoßfeste Mikrofasermaterial absorbiert Stöße und sorgt so für mehr Fahrkomfort
  • Jede Rolle ist lang genug, um eine vollständige Abdeckung aller Lenkergrößen zu gewährleisten
  • Das Stretch-Material erleichtert das Wickeln um den Lenker
  • Inklusive Abklebeband und Lenkerstopfen
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FlexRibbon Gel lenkerband

The high end FlexRibbon Gel is your friend in the most extreme circumstances. The special shock proof microfibre material makes every ride like riding on clouds. While the diamond cut pattern makes sure you keep your grip on your handlebar. Every cobblestone feels like a little bump, not more than that. The perfect bartape for when it gets rough.


  • Dicke des Bandes (mm) 2.5
  • Griffe Beste
  • Werkstoff PU-Schaum
  • Dämpfung Viel
  • Inklusive Abdeckband Ja
  • Inklusive Lenkerstopfen Ja
  • Fixierung Gel


  • Gewicht (g) 92
Damping level: 8

Damping level: 8

A handlebar tape with comfort level 6-9 offers a lot of damping, feels soft and absorbs vibrations from the road surface well. With a handlebar tape with a lot of damping, you can count on a lot of comfort, also off-road or on bad road surfaces. Ideal for cycling long distances. A lot of damping reduces the amount of 'feeling' with the bike a little bit as the feedback from your bike disappears slightly.

Grip level: 8

Grip level: 8

A handlebar tape with grip level 7-9 or the best grip gives you a lot of grip in both dry and wet conditions. They ensure a firm and secure hold on the handlebars and are particularly suitable for riders who prioritize maximum grip and stability, especially when riding on rough terrain or in challenging weather conditions. These tapes provide excellent control and minimize the risk of hand slippage. This gives you extra control over your bike.