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All about our grips

The grips on your handlebar are extremely important to keep control of your bike. Together with your pedals and your saddle, they are the contact points to harness your bike. Grips can have a major impact on the comfort of your rides and your control over your bike. Therefore, it is important to make the right choices when purchasing some new grips. In this buyer's guide we will explain the important factors that separate good grips from bad grips. We will give you some things to consider and some examples to make sure you will end up with the exact right grips for your situation.

Factors that determine your comfort

The most important aspect of handlebar grips is that they have to create comfort for you as a rider. Comfort itself has many different aspects. Think about: weight distribution, damping, grip, surface pattern etc.



As a cyclist, most of your body weight is divided between your saddle and your handlebars. The exact proportion depends on your riding position. As you will understand, a significant amount of that weight leans on your handlebar grips.

High-quality grips offer a good and even weight distribution over the whole palm of your hands. Our grips offer this weight distribution through the use of high-end materials and an ergonomically designed shape. If you want to go a step further, take a look at our grips with special hand support. These little wings create an even bigger surface area to rest your hands on. Even though your hands are in a more fixed position with this type of grips, they can give you just that little bit of extra weight distribution to keep your hands pain-free.



As much as weight distribution goes, it does not count for all the comfort. After riding your bike for a while, your hands can become tired and even tingly if you are not riding with the right grips. The riding surface, may it be a smooth road or a bumpy track, causes vibration, big or small. This vibration has a major impact on your hands.

It is therefore important that your grips absorb this vibration without letting you loose the feeling of control over your bike. The material of the grip should offer great damping abilities. All our grips are made with the highest quality materials like Kraton, damping foam, Vekx, real leather or silicone, and sometimes additional gel or cork support in our luxury models. The vibration will always be there and is even good to stay in control and have a good feeling of what your bike is doing underneath you. There is a fine line between discomfort, and feeling and control. Our materials are specifically chosen to balance on that fine line and provide a good balance of control and comfortable hands.



Grips are called grips, because they should give you grip! Your bare steel, aluminium, or carbon handlebar would not be sufficient to stay in control of your bike. Grips need to provide grip on your handlebar while still allowing you to comfortably change position when needed.

The used materials have a big impact on the grip as well as the surface pattern on the grips. All our materials are specifically chosen to create this grip. Besides, we have designed some great surface patterns to create grip exactly in the right way. Take for example the hexagon surface on our Python grips. This design allows you to have grip in the right direction to keep you secure, and have less grip in the other direction to give you the possibility to change position. A perfect example of how one pair of grips can allow both grip and freedom at once.

Make the difference in the details

Grips are a simple but integral part of your bike. We have done our best to give our grips just that little bit extra to lift them to a higher level. Through the last finishing touches and great focus on small but important details, we have created a range of high-quality grips for beginners, all the way up to the advanced riders.

Take for example our clever lockring mechanism inside our Mamba grips. This mechanism makes sure your grips cannot slip off your handlebars while still maintaining a sleek look on the outside. Or what about our LeatherFix with a real leather cover for a very comfortable feel. Our grips are not just grips, they are carefully designed for the best riders experience. Take a look at the different product pages of our grip and keep an eye on the little details that make our grips stand out in the crowd!


Pick your color

Appearance does matter too! That's why we have not only focuses on quality, but also the looks. Over our whole handlebar category we have 13 different color combinations to make sure there is always a pair of grips that fits your bike, kit, or preference. Besides, of course we have also just the normal black colors that fit every bike and rider well.

What size do I need?

If you have been browsing through our grips already, you have probably noticed that some of our grips are available in two different sizes; one where both grips are the same length, and one where one of the grips is much shorter than the other one. It depends on the gear system on your bike which grips you should choose. If your bike has a twist grip gear system, you need a pair of grips of which one is shorter than the other. This type a gear system is mostly seen on city bikes and some mountain bikes. Most mountainbikes though, have little flippers as gears attached to your handlebar. For this gear system you will need the normal same length grips on both sides.



As much as we love to keep going on about our grips. We highly recommend you to go to your bike shop and take our grips in your own hands. That way you will really see and feel the quality and comfort.

Grips are very personal, what you like, might not be good for somebody else. It is therefore really important to start your own quest for the perfect handlebar grips for you. Until then, you can keep scrolling through our grips category. You will find more information on the product pages.