All about our baselayers

Buyer's Guide | Baselayers

All about our baselayers

A baselayer is the fundamental part of everybody's cycling equipment. It is exactly what the name is; a baselayer for your riding apparel. Good baselayer apparel will improve the your comfort on the bike, in both hot and cold circumstances. It is an extra layer of protection against cold, sun, sweat etc. In this buyer's guide we will explain the importance of a baselayer and how it will improve your riding comfort in many ways. We talk about upper and lower baselayers and the technologies that have been integrated. After reading this buyer's guide you know exactly what you need in different weather conditions and what to choose as the base for your riding gear!

Your secret weapon!

Baselayers are often seen as something that you only wear in cold weather conditions to provide an extra layer of insulation to keep you warm. This is not true. A good baselayers is much more than just an extra layer of fabric to keep your body warm. The tight fit of a baselayer prevents rubbing of clothing on your skin and helps to drain sweat. This way your body stays dry and won't cool down too quickly in cold weather conditions. ultimately, you wear it to create comfort in many different ways. Comfort that you can't see from the outside, but will definitely help you get through your rides easier.


Lower baselayers

Wearing a pair of inner shorts is perfect for those who do not want to wear normal cycling shorts, but still want the comfort of cycling shorts. Our InnerShorts and InnerShorts Pro can be worn underneath your normal pants or shorts and provides a layer of protection and comfort. Our inner shorts are equipped with high-end italian padding and are produced out of lightweight, breathable and stretchable fabric. Inner shorts are specifically designed to create just that little bit of extra comfort on any ride. The tight fit makes sure the fabric will not rub your skin and keeps everything fresh and comfortable.


Upper baselayers

Upper baselayers are worn underneath your jersey or jacket. Upper baselayers are made to be comfortable and have a perfect fitting around your body. All our baselayers have flat lock stitches or a special seemles construction to avoid any rubbing on the skin. Besides, we have chosen to use very lightweight materials for our baselayers to make sure they will never be a burden on your ride.

Besides, our baselayer shirts are specifically designed for cycling. They are for example extra long at the back to make sure they cover your whole back while you are in the cycling position. This way they will drain sweat even better and they won't creep up while riding your bike.

Weather conditions

Hot or cold, the materials decide!

Baselayers shirts can be worn on hot and cold days. Our FIRLayer provides an extra layer of insulation through the use of FAR Infrared technology on the cold days. This extra level of insulation allows us to keep the farbic thickness to a minimum while still providing a sufficient amount of insulation. The microscopic ceramic particles that are integrated in the fabric reflect your own body heat.

On the other hand, we have our extremely light Meshlayer and CoolLayer shirts that keep your body cool and dry in hot weather conditions through Coolskin and open mesh structured fabric. Within our baselayer category, we have a focus on designing exactly the right fabrics to create what we want.

Over our whole apparel range we use almost 20 different types of fabrics and materials to create the exact specification we are looking for. On our clothing materials page you can learn more about all these different materials and where they are used for. It is definitely worth reading!

Weather conditions

When to wear a baselayer

As we have discussed above, a baselayer can be seen as the base of your apparel. It can make every ride more comfortable through sweat drainage, insulation and avoiding rubbing etc. On hot summer days a baselayer can be used as an extra layer of protection between your skin and the hot sun. Besides, our innovative fabrics will pull sweat off your skin and and make it evaporate easier. This will give you a cool sensation which makes your rides in warm temperatures more comfortable. On the cold winter days our baselayers creates an extra layer of insulation. It will keep your body heat close to the skin. It will keep you warm and comfortable in every situation. As you see, a high quality baselayer will always provide your with extra comfort and support you on your rides.

Jackets and vests


Now that you have read through this buyer's guide you understand the importance of a good base to build the rest of your apparel on. We would like you to take a look at the individual product pages to find out all the goods yourself. A high-quality baselayer is never wasted and will improve the quality of your rides.