10th December 2020

10th December 2020


Dieses Jahr wird Weihnachten für alle etwas anders sein, als wir es gewohnt sind. Ein verrücktes Jahr liegt hinter uns und Radfahren war oftmals das, was uns bei Laune gehalten hat. Zudem haben viele Menschen diesen Sport neu für sich entdeckt. Das ist der Grund, weshalb wir nicht nur Weihnachten, sondern auch unsere Leidenschaft für das Radfahren feiern möchten. Und das möchten wir gemeinsam mit dir tun. Aus diesem Grund hast du die Chance eine Überraschungsbox zu gewinnen. Unsere Backyard Crew Mitglieder haben ihre Lieblingsprodukte in einer Box zusammengestellt, die du als Weihnachtsüberraschung gewinnen kannst.  

Jacks Favorit

Jack Thompson

"Christmas for me is usually spent in warm weather on the beach. But this year I decided that my form of celebration is going to be riding in winter in the rain and explore my own backyard."

Jack Thompson / @jackultracyclist

"It gives me a lot oof ease when I ride around with a product as the Samurai pump. So, I know that I can always help myself when getting into trouble along the road or trail."

Lises Favorit

Lise Visser

"For me, Christmas means a lot of free time for cycling and a nice meal with family and friends afterwards. I like the atmosphere, cosiness and good food, but I can only really enjoy it after a brisk bike ride through the cold."

Lise Visser / @lisevisser

FatPigeons Favorit


"Christmas and family are great, but going out is always a wise choice. For us, Offseason is #Boffseason, because of those great colors, but also because you are often 'alone in the world' and that every km you make is a bonus. Nothing is necessary, everything is allowed!"

FatPigeon.cc / @fatpigeon.cc

"We are a fan of the Middle mate! For a small amount, a frame bag offers so much convenience and comfort. No lack of space and overflowing in your shirt, space to put a jacket away, even space to bring a burner, percolator and coffee."

James Favorit

James Shirley

"I come from a cycling family and my friends are all mountain bikers so Christmas always has some kind of bicycle related theme. In the UK there's a lot of hype about having a 'white Christmas' but it doesn't often happen... Chances are that I'll be spending Christmas like a big kid playing in the puddles instead!"

James Shirley / @jamesy_boy_shirley