BSG-45Box Sport Glasses - Performance

Product description

If you are a fanatical cyclist, you know what we’re talking about. All your cycling equipment is carefully selected, built up and cared for. Not only does it function like a well-oiled machine, but it looks absolutely gorgeous too. Your equipment is a reflection of your own personality and the way you experience your ride. As far as Sports Glasses go, you apply the same rigorous process: only the best of the best and adaptable to every occasion. Precisely for this kind of cyclist we have put together the Adapt Giftbox. It consists of the new Adapt matt black top frames, combined with three lower frames to mix and match to your heart’s desire. Also included are four pairs of lenses to adapt to every light condition you would find when out on a ride: a clear lens for night riding or extremely low light conditions, two pairs of MLC lenses for sunnier conditions and a Smoke lens. The Adapt Giftbox also comes with seven colorways of the proprietary temple tips. To match your Adapt with your bike, outfit or state of mind that day. This entire package comes boxed in it’s own protective travel case, ready to hit the road with you.

Features & Specs

  • Adapt to your own style! With the replaceable lower frame, lenses and temple tips you create the style you like and make a perfect match with your other gear.
  • Complete case comes with 3 lower frames, 4 different lenses and 7 temple tips colors to create 588 styles.
  • Extra space inside the box to expand your lens and temple tip collection.
  • Upper frame color: matt black.
  • Lower frame colors: red, blue and matt chrome.
  • Lens colors: clear flash mirror, smoke flash mirror, blue mlc and red mlc.
  • Temple tip colors: black, blue, red, green, gray, yellow and white.
  • Including screwdriver.

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