BBB logo update

We have been Part of your Ride for over 20 years

The Netherlands is likely one of the best home countries a cycling brand could wish for. Founded in Leiden, BBB Cycling will see 2018 as its twentieth year in business.

Part of your ride

What started with a handful of products has grown to a full range of cycling parts and accessories. Products that have received more than 100 product and innovation awards over the years and are serving the needs of cycling enthusiasts in over 40 countries. So it’s safe to say BBB cycling has been part of your ride for almost 20 years. We are out there on each and every ride, bringing fun to cycling, and making sure cyclists are spending more time on their bikes together with their friends.


As we originate from an engineering background our look and feel started rather technical. As the brand grew, so did our community of cycling enthusiasts. This evolution of our brand needed to be reflected in a new brand logo. The new BBB logo is a slashed version of 3 B’s at full velocity. It’s simple, clean, and modern. Reflecting our design ethos. We also feel it’s friendlier, and as such a nod towards our large community of loyal users. We have chosen to maintain our iconic dark blue color so you will keep recognizing us in your local bike shop.

Finally we also want to use this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers and local bike shops for choosing our brand for almost 20 years! BBB Cycling’s new logo will be appearing on products from the beginning of 2018 and our new website which will launch soon.