We have winners!

Looking sharp in their hotseat

We are pleased to announce the winners of our sport glasses action which was held in past period! The winners have won a spot in a team car of one of our sponsored teams. A unique way to experience the racing from a totally different perspective than they are used to. Before, during and after the race they will be part of the team.

The winners are:

Bart Brondeel – Belgium

Stephane Araez – France

Derek Zanen – The Netherlands


Below you’ll find a small recap of what the action was all about:

Always wanted to watch a cycling race at the front row? Than this is your chance! From February 1st till March 31st you have a chance on winning a chair in a team car of one of our sponsored teams. A unique way to experience the racing from a totally different perspective than you’re used to. And the view is exactly what you have to change to take a chance on winning this awesome spot in a team car. Because to compete in this action, the only thing you have to do is buy a BBB sport glasses during the action period.

How does it work? Quite simply actually. Go to one of the local bike shops that’s taking part in this action or your common online store, buy a pair of BBB sport glasses there and receive one of the flyers that accompanies this special offer. On this flyer you will find a promotion code which you can fill in on this page from the February the 1st. Go through the details, fill in your name, the dealer you bought the sport glasses and which model you bought and wait till April 15th. That’s the date we pick a winner and contact the lucky ones who will experience the racing from a new perspective!

To give you an idea what sport glasses you can buy we asked two of our employees and dedicated cyclists what their favourites are.

Fullview, eliminate the boundaries ahead

“The new Fullview is one of my favourite glasses, and I have a lot of them. It’s my go-to choice whatever bike I ride. Perfect for my mountainbike adventures in the weekend, but the optimal view is ideal on my daily commutes as well. I designed the Fullview with an open mind, literally. Due to the open frame at the top of the Fullview, there are no boundaries in sight, which means you’re view is never blocked by the frame anymore. The Fullview keeps his promises and gives me the full view on the road or trail.” – Sebastiaan Bowier, Product Developer Glasses and fulltime mountainbiker

Select Optic PH, sport glasses for cyclists who need prescription lenses

“In day to day business I use contact lenses, but on my bike I don’t always want to wear them. In that case the Select Optic PH is ideal. This prescription sport glasses makes it possible to wear a sunglasses and prescription glasses at once. The optical interface can be adapted between -6 and +6. And with the PH coating on the main lens, the glasses adapt to ever changing light conditions. This way I never have to worry about the wroning lenses. Exactly what I need when racing in crits or riding my home training grounds with a diversity of terrain.” – Paul Helderman, Online Marketeer and crit racer

Sport Glasses - Corrective

Select Optic PH

Create your own style! With the replaceable lenses and temple tips you create the style you like and make a perfect match with your other gear. Sport glasses for cyclists who need prescription lenses. Optical lens feature with prescription lens interface. The optical lens ...