Closing up on 2016 with a bang!

25th October 2017
Closing up on 2016 with a bang!

Closing up on 2016 with a bang!

25th October 2017
Closing up on 2016 with a bang!

Closing up on 2016 with a bang!

29 Dec. 2016

Closing up on 2016 with a bang!

What would be better than to finish our year with celebrating our 100th award? Right, nothing. Therefore we are proud and extremely happy to announce our 100th award winner: the Controlshield winter jacket!

This high tech winter jacket that combines protection against the cold, wind and rain in one jacket, without compromising on comfort, won the Bike Tipp Preis/Leistung in the German mountain bike magazine BIKE. This renowned magazine rewarded the Controlshield for being a perfect solution against the cold with smart details like reflection and specific inner cuffs with thumb loops. The best jacket against an affordable price, that’s what the Controlshield is all about.

And the winner is..

To celebrate the win of this historic award, we took out our tuxedos and put the champagne in the cooler. This one will be remembered for a long time by the guys of product development… Watch the images to get an idea of how this photoshoot went. And while you’re probably anxious to learn something more about the Controlshield jacket, we interviewed our Product Manager of Clothing, Sander Bennink, about winter clothing, the development of this jacket and the meaning of winning this award.

Controlshield celebrations

Sander, what makes the Controlshield the ultimate winter jacket?

“The Controlshield offers the perfect protection against all winter conditions. Whether it’s rain, wind or cold, the Controlshield keeps you comfortable. Thanks to the inner fleece your body will stay warm and the Trioxx material on the outside keeps you dry thanks to the breathable and water repellent features of this fabric. A high collar protects your neck against cold wind and keeps the back of your neck warm. One of the bigger problems during winter riding is wind entering at your wrists, because the jacket curls up at your gloves. The Controlshield offers a smart solution for this. The inner lycra cuffs have a thumb loop, so they connect exactly to your gloves. This way your arms and in the end, your body stay warm and comfy.”

The Controlshield keeps you comfortable

What do you take into account when developing winter bike wear?

“Our bike wear has to push you onto your bike. I mean, we like it when you put on our clothing and think ‘yes, now I feel like riding’. It has to be about fun and creating new adventures together with your friends. Therefore our clothing has to be functional and protecting you the best way possible against the bad weather conditions of winter time. The most important functional features has to be the freedom of movement. Of course, bike wear has to have a tight fit. But wearing it like a pro is for most people not so comfortable. Our bike wear sits in the middle. No bulk in the way, but not too tight as well, offering just enough freedom of movement to feel comfortable on your next adventure. Therefore we use fabrics with stretch and anatomically shaped panels. And last but not least, visibility becomes more and more important. Especially during winter time. We use reflective elements and high visibility colors like fluorescent yellow in nearly every important winter gear we offer.”


What design features did you take into account when designing the Controlshield

“The jacket contains out of multiple high tech fabrics, strategically placed for the best protection. Front, shoulders, and sleeves are fully wind and waterproof. Back and the shoulder pits are produced out of Thermo+ fabric which adds breathing power. The durable water repellent coating of this fabric adds warmth and protection as well. The best possible combination within a winter jacket. Just as all our other bike wear, this jacket is designed for bike specific use, so the back is longer than the front and the sleeves are pre-curved.”

Highlighted features

So what about winter bike wear in general, what developments do you see?

“Wind and water repellent or waterproof fabrics used to be thick and heavy, which limited the freedom of movement dramatically. Nowadays we mainly see an improvement in the fabrics. Laminated fabrics have far more stretch and at the same time, are way thinner. This results in better fitting jackets with an even better protection. It’s the ultimate win-win situation.”

Taste of victory

Can you give us a small sneak preview on what developments we will see in the future of BBB bike wear?

“Due to recent developments in technical winter fabrics we are able to use our winter bike wear in a far more diverse way. For example our new Triguard jersey. Technically this is a jersey with long sleeves, but it offers the protection of a jacket. Thanks to the highly breathable Trilite fabric this jersey is ideal to use in a wide variety of circumstances. The temperature range you can use the Triguard goes from freezing up to 15 degrees Celcius. With only one upper layer you’re able to ride in multiple weather conditions. This is something you will see in the near future in our winter bike wear. One item for multiple purpose use.”

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