All about sports glasses

24th October 2017
All about sports glasses

All about sports glasses

24th October 2017
All about sports glasses

All about sports glasses

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Widen your view

The line of BBB cycling-specific sport glasses continues to evolve. The product group is one of our achievements that we’re most proud of, and with good reason. We aim to offer the utmost in high-end performance for fair prices. Try one out and join the growing group of riders that find out how good our glasses actually are when they put on a pair for the first time.

In our sport glasses we use the latest techniques available. And if not satisfying, we develop our own techniques. That’s how for instance the Adapt was created. We wanted full frame sport glasses, but without compromising on our philosophy about interchangeable lenses. So we created the special TwistLock system; through a simple twist of the nose pads the upper and lower part of the frame hinge to release the lenses for a quick swap.

Grilamid frame material

Almost all BBB sport glasses frames are made of Grilamid TR90. This is a light and flexible material, providing great durability and a level of comfort. Grilamid has some exceptional characteristics which include high heat distortion temperature, good flexural bending strength and high stress crack resistance. This makes Grilamid an ideal material for our sport glasses frames. You can bend your frame to place your lenses, without wondering is the frame crack or not.

Grilamid frame

Curved lenses

If you have ever put on a pair of ultra-cheap sunglasses with curved lenses you have no doubt experienced the distorted vision that accompanies such a low quality product. This visual distortion is due to the non-prescription lenses that are used in cheap sunglasses and it can be quite disturbing and fatiguing. Because of the curve, sport lenses need the be optical corrected. That’s why all BBB Sports Glasses have decentered lenses. This means they are optically balanced for no-distortion vision.

Curved lenses

Lens types explained

For our sport glasses we use four different lens types:

1. PH lenses - Photochromic

Photochromic lenses

Automatically adapts to changing light conditions. They turn dark when it’s bright and become virtually clear in low light conditions. Especially the available light range is unique. BBB’s lenses can adapt from allowing 85% – 17% of the available light to flow through.

2. PZ lenses - Polarized

Polarized lenses

The ideal choice on bright sunny days. Polarized lenses provide a clear view while effectively eliminating glare. PZ lenses allow only direct light to pass through, resulting in a more relaxed and improved view. This prevents distractions from reflection from flat roads, tree leaves or water.

3. MLC lenses - Multi layer coating

Multi layer coating

A 9-layer coating give MLC lenses their renowned brightness and contrast for the sharpest view under any circumstances. All MLC equipped sport glasses come with additional yellow and clear lenses for optimal adaptability to changing light conditions.

PC lenses - smoke

Smokey lenses

Our standard quality base lenses. Similar in performance to BBB’s MLC lenses. The natural tinted colors are for people who prefer a more subdued style. All PC equipped sport glasses come with additional yellow and clear PC lenses for optimal adaptability to changing light conditions.

But why would you change your lenses?

Lenses are available in a variety of colors. Although color has no influence on UV-protection, there is a difference in light transmission. A darker lens transmits less light. That’s ideal when you are riding and the sun is shining. But what if its raining or you what to make a night ride?

To help you find the correct lenses for different situations, lenses for glasses are, according to the CE-standard, divided into 4 categories:


According to these subdivisions we can categorize our lenses used for BBB sport glasses: