An interview with FDJ rider Arnaud Démare

25th October 2017
An interview with FDJ rider Arnaud Démare

An interview with FDJ rider Arnaud Démare

25th October 2017
An interview with FDJ rider Arnaud Démare

An interview with FDJ rider Arnaud Démare

17 Mar. 2017

Cathing up with the last winner of Milano-Sanremo

Tomorrow the first real spring classic is on the agenda. The official start of the spring, with La Primavera: Milano-Sanremo. The international World Tour peloton starts in Milan to ride 291 kilometers through the northern Italian mountains, to ride along the coast and finish in Sanremo.

Last year it was sprinter Arnaud Démare of FDJ who won his first classic race when passing the finish line in the epic historic Via Roma. We asked Arnaud a few questions about his racing so far and how he looks back at his heroic win of last year.

Arnaud Démare

The new season has just begun. Which race do you look foward to the most? And why?

The best period in the season according to me, is the time of the classics. During these races I’m able to use my qualities in the best way and my drive to attack is usable in these races as well. There’s not one race that’s my favourite, but all the classics. And we’re in the middle of it right now!

What are your goals for this season?

I want to perform in the best way possible during the classics. My main goal will be to be in top shape during Gent-Wevelgem and Paris-Roubaix. And of course, the biggest race in cycling, the Tour de France, will be a big goal as well.

What is your career highlight?

It all began when I became world champion in the U-23 category. During that period I learned a lot about racing and myself as well. It became clear to me which qualities I had and how I could use them. And of course, Milano-Sanremo has a special place in my heart as well now.


Last year you won Milano-Sanremo. Are you going to ride it this year with a different feeling?

To be honest, not really.

Since this season you ride with the Tithon Helmet. How do you like it in comparison to the Falcon?

I prefer to ride with the Falcon helmet actually. I like the looks of it and it fits me very comfortably. But the Tithon is a better and more aerodynamic sprint helmet, so for my type of riding, that’s the best helmet to use.

Suspense is building

What tips do you have for cyclists who want to ride or sprint faster

The most important thing, is to have fun on the bike! Back in the day, when I was little, we used to sprint at every city sign along the road. It was thanks to these kind of sprinting games, I learned to ride fast and sprint even faster. To have fun is still the most important thing for me.