Courtney Home joins the BBB Backyard Crew

2323rd October 2017
Courtney Home joins the BBB Backyard Crew

Courtney Home joins the BBB Backyard Crew

2323rd October 2017
Courtney Home joins the BBB Backyard Crew

Courtney Home joins the BBB Backyard Crew

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"There's nothing else out there that makes me feel so alive than cycling"

We sponsor great cyclists worldwide and we do get great feedback on our products from these riders. But we want more! Therefore we started the BBB Backyard Crew. Triathlete Courtney Home has become the first member of the Crew. Time to get to know her better!

Congratulations! You are the first Backyard Crew member, how does it feel?

CH: Thank you :-) I’m super excited to be a part of the BBB Backyard Crew! It feels pretty wicked!

Have you celebrated with some new pink sports gear? Where’s your love for pink originating from?

CH: Haha yes :-) I’m always on the hunt for OUTRAGEOUS Pink gear! Well green was originally my favorite color and when I got my P5 pinked and my ZIPPS Pinked, the color grew on me, you’ll find most of my gear now is Pink. Everything has to match! Plus #pinkgoesfaster

It’s winter in Australia right now, how do you prepare yourself for the new season? Any products you find helpful during this season

CH: Yes I’m so excited for SUMMER! I actually love the BBB Summit sport glasses, the interchangeable lenses are amazing. Looking after my eyes is one of my biggest priorities when it comes to riding and running so I love how during winter I ride in the dark but can change the lenses over from dark lenses to the clear one, I can protect my eyes from bugs, dirt etc! And same for summer, putting dark polarized lenses in to protect my eyes from all the elements!

For triathlon you have to focus on three sports, swimming, cycling and running. How do you find balance between these three sports? What do you like most about the cycling part?

CH: To be honest trying to balance a full-time job, an engagement, university and of course three sports is so hard! But I’m so so fortunate to have an amazing Coach that cares about everything, he cares about my training, my personal life, how university’s going, how busy work is and how I’m feeling emotionally/physically. He helps me heaps by balancing my training load that I’m not overdoing any aspect of my life and focusing on the quality of my sessions opposed to quantity.

I love cycling just in general but when it comes to training and racing I love how it makes me feel! Whether I’m going slow, fast, into a head wind or climbing, the feeling of being strong, in control and out in the fresh air is what I like most about cycling. There’s nothing else out there that makes me feel so alive than cycling.

On which cycling performance are you most proud?

CH: I wouldn’t say it’s a performance I’m most proud of but I would say it’s the point from where I’ve come. 3 years ago I wasn’t able to clip in, to now being able to ride hard, ride fast and tick of new goals! It would defiantly be seeing personal improvements every time I hop on the bike, that’s what I’m most proud of!

What gives you this little bit of extra strength to make you reach your goals?

CH: It’s passion and love. I love this sport and I’m passionate about everything that goes along with it. I’m far from being best but it’s how this sport makes me feel and the community that surrounds the sport which keeps me going back. My goal last year was to race Kona and I did and I came back to the drawing board this year with a new coach and we’ve set harder and higher goals for the future!

I love the whole process - the highs, the lows, the hard times and the painful times. You have to love the process -  it’s a journey, it strengthens us and it teaches us! Even when times get so hard and tough and it’s easy to walk away I focus on my goals and realize that this moment in time, is the process I need to follow to reach my goals.

What would you like to know from the second Backyard Crew member?

I’d love to know what the other BBB Backyard Crew Members:

  • Do to calm their Pre-Race Nerves?
  • What’s an interesting fact about yourself that not a lot of people know?
  • Donut icing or the donut base?