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Aaf on Wheels


Aaf on Wheels


Afra de Boer

Date of Birth

15 / 11 / 1983


Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands

Imagine: you are cycling in the forest on beautiful paths, through the trees, over tree roots with the occasional steep climb. In the distance you see a group of mountain bikers. Then you hear a shout: 'Whoohoo!! Great jump! Tjakka!' Well, that's me! Afra, please call me Aaf.

I love anything on wheels! After my first experience on a mountain bike it was
no wonder my passion expanded. 'Yes, I'm screaming at a cool mommy bike,
the pink valve caps on my daughter's bike and certainly also on the new racing bike that I have recently unpacked. Certified MTB Certified Instructor/guide level 3 and I recently completed completed my training as a bicycle technician!
Aaf on Wheels. A personal journey where I want to inspire people to be the best they can be to fetch. Be yourself, be unique and dare to be different! By letting go of my fun and bike rides

I want to inspire people to take their bike and get/keep moving. Go on
adventure! I do this by showing on social media how I enjoy myself and my own
make unique choices.