Passionate about gravel cycling

Nol & Loek are on a mission to introduce gravel cycling to the cycling and eco-tourism community. Their authentic gravel cycling content is loaded with thrills, beautiful impressions and shows that daily or multi-day rides are just a whole lot of fun!

As Dutchies with a shed stacked with different bikes they both have a history packed with cycling adventures.



Loek: “We honestly believe gravel cycling is ‘the future of leisure cycling’. It combines the best of the traditionally separated disciplines of cycling and adds whole new layers of adventure, lifestyle and purpose”.

Loek always had a strong recreational affection with cycling but it might run the family. His grandfather rode the Alp D’huez at 84 and his son is crazy of dirt and pump tracks. Loek first tasted cycling heroism when at 4 he earned the 1994 ‘Camping De Reebok Tour de France’ Yellow Jersey. At 8 years old he rode his first 4x50km ‘fiets 4-daagse’. Later he got into mountainbiking, road riding, met Nol in the Dolomites, became an Ironman after training with a daily 2x30km commute, takes a yearly ‘rondje Ijsselmeer’ 470km with friends, etcetera. His love for cycling, storytelling and marketing grew his ambition to start a movement and introduce gravel cycling to the cycling and eco-tourism community.


Nol, being a wild youngster, picked up racing at the age of 17 and fell in love with racing thrills and getting faster each ride. He got his degree in Engineering in The Netherlands and went abroad. The expat-life took him worldwide and he raced for teams such as the Singapore Specialized-Roval Maverics and the University of Cape Town. After exploring unpaved roads on his CX bike each winter, it was love at first when he discovered Gravel cycling a couple of years back. He soon found out that his other passion for video and photography goes hand in hand with this and so FatPigeon was born.  



Nol: “Of course I love our occasional adrenaline-rushed peak hunting in the high Alps.. but unlike what many might think, the fun and excitement of gravel riding lie just around your corner. We show that by also riding and sharing gravel routes on familia


Goals for 2021

That’s an easy one: to continue sharing our love for gravel cycling, explore new places, meet new people and inspire others to ride gravel through authentic content.

FatPigeon's favorites

We’re happy users of the BBB bikepacking bags and found them to be versatile and user-friendly; key specifics when you don’t know what you’ll be running into. Instead of worrying about our drone, camera gear, clothes and coffee grind the set enables us on what matters most: having fun and creating adventure!


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