Femke vs. the wind


Femke vs. the wind


Femke vs. the wind

Date of Birth

28 / 12 / 1988


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

I am Femke and I live in the west of the Netherlands, where the Dutch Mountains, or wind, is my main training buddy! I used to get really upset about headwinds, but now I'm starting to accept that the wind can also make you better!

In 2018 I started with road cycling, but I have only been training fanatically for a year now. This year I will be in the peloton for the first time! So: improving my cornering technique, condition, and race tactics. Everything to be able to come along in the local races. Exciting, but great fun!

In addition, I recently bought a gravel bike with which I want to discover new roads peacefully. It may sound contradictory, but by getting better in and before races, my party pace rides are a lot more comfortable. So I can fully enjoy my first bikepacking trip in Spain next summer!