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Femke vs. the wind


Femke vs. the wind


Femke vs. the wind

Date of Birth

28 / 12 / 1988


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

I'm Femke and I live in the west of the Netherlands, where the Dutch Mountains, or wind, is my main training buddy. I could always get incredibly worked up about headwinds, but now I'm starting to accept that the wind can also make you better!

In 2018, I got on my bike for the first time, back then mainly to be outside & get some nice exercise. Later, I started training to get better, for example for the Amstel Gold Race that I will cycle later this year.

Last year, I bought a gravel bike with which, on the contrary, I want to enjoy & discover new roads. That may sound contradictory, but by getting better with my training, my party-pace rides are a lot more comfortable. Bikepacking in Sweden this summer holiday will then just be full enjoyment!