Jack Thompson

The most extreme cyclist on earth

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Jack now resides in Girona, Spain. Fed up with life behind a computer screen and the monotony of a 9 to 5 grind, In 2015, Jack decided to pursue his passion for ultra-distance cycling. Fast forward three years and Jack is now considered by media outlets around the world as ‘The Most Extreme Cyclist on Earth.’ 

Jack Ultra Cyclist

"I love riding my bike and it's a form of therapy for me."

Jack pushes the limit of Ultra Cycling and to date has completed the following extreme challenges:

 - 2017 - 50,000km cycled in a 12 month period

 - 2018 - Taiwan KOM (4x Non Stop - 720km & 13,600m elevation in 56 hours)

 - 2019 - 3 Everestings, 3 Countries, 3 Days (880km & 26,768m elevation across 71hrs including all transfers)

 - 2019 - GP1200 (1,200km & 12,000m elevation in 56 hours - Girona, Spain to Caramulo, Portugal)

Jack has toured his films and spoken at events around the world to share his story, in particular how he was able to overcome depression and mental health disorders, using the bike as his medicine.

Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson

What does 'part of your ride' mean to you?

Cycling through the most remote landscapes on earth requires me to adopt full trust in my equipment. Of the various BBB products that I use, I can confidently rely on every single one of them. Any adventure requires huge amounts of preparation both in terms of training and equipment selection. With BBB on my side, I can confidently set off into the unknown with the best equipment forming #partofmyride.

Goals for 2020

Looking forward to 2020, Jack has five major goals, all of which will be captured in the form of documentary films. Jack’s focus is in completing extreme challenges that push the envelope of what is humanly possible on a bike, both from a mental and physical point of view. With a passion for content, in particular, film, Jack and his production team, now plan to document all of his challenges moving forward and in doing so, wish to share an important message #ITSOKNOTTOBEOK and remove the stigma attached to Mental Health disorders.

The Amazing Chase

Amongst other things, Jack will this year, be completing something that has never been done before… He is going to ride the exact route of the Tour de France in half the time of the pro peloton. Departing some 10 days later than the official starters on the 27th June, Jack aims to reach the cobbles of the Champs-Élysées the day prior to the main bunch and in doing so, set a record for the fastest ever completion of Le Tour. Ever!

Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson

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