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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

My name is Suzanne and I am a wannabe triathlete. As a former swimmer (quitted 2015) I started running in 2019 as a bucket list thing to one day finish a marathon but fell in love. Ten months after I started running I finished the New York Marathon and of course I continued running because I love it. As a way of injury prevention, I started swimming again too. And from this combination, it did not take long before the first triathlon thought came up. By the end of 2020, I decided to go for it. So for 2021, my goal is to learn how to cycle, to hopefully become faster and faster to eventually finish my first triathlon.

You can follow the whole triathlon journey via my channels (blog, Instagram & Youtube)

Suzanne Brummel Suzanne Brummel

What is your biggest achievement on the bike?

I just received my very first bike and literally had two short rides because of the bad weather conditions. So my biggest achievement at this point in time is that I haven't fallen yet.

What is your biggest cycling goal?

It would really be a dream coming true if I can keep up with the other female competitors during triathlons during the cycling part of the race. And I hope I will someday experience the same love and compassion for cycling as I do now for swimming and running.

What is your favourite place or route to ride?

I hope I can drop a wonderful route next year to this question.

If you could choose one place in the world to cycle. What place would it be?

Probably a place where the roads are long straight ahead without other traffic and beautiful surroundings.

Suzanne Brummel Suzanne Brummel
Suzanne Brummel Suzanne Brummel

Who is your favourite cycling buddy?

My Garmin watch at this time since I don’t cycle with buddies yet.

What is your favourite BBB product? And why?

My helmet is protecting me which I think is super important especially for me as a rookie in cycling. But the glasses deserve a big silver medal!

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