E Sound

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  • Large diameter bell for maximum volume
  • Unique spring system makes this bell exceptionally loud
  • Strong fixed 22.2mm clamping mechanism for use on E-bikes

E Sound Bicycle Bell

Large diameter bicycle bell with maximum volume
The E Sound bell is there to let everybody know you are there. Make sure you are heard even on high speed. The large diameter of the bell gives a loud sound together with the special spring system. Easy to use and ready to make your e-rides safe!
Large diameter

Large diameter

The large diameter in combinaton with the unique spring system make this bell exceptionally loud, ideal for use on your E-bike.

Clamping mechanism

Clamping mechanism

Strong fixed 22.2mm clamping mechanism for use on E-bikes


  • Weight (g) 27
  • Decibel (Db) 88
  • Colors matt black
  • Bell diameter (mm) 45
  • Clamp diameter (mm) 22.2
  • Materials Aluminum
  • Mounting system Fixed bracket


E-Bike specific:

E-Bike specific:

These products have been developed and designed particularly for the use on E-bikes. They are built to keep their durability while being exposed to higher speed and heavier bikes. These products comply to the NEN-EN 15194:2017 standard for E-bikes.

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