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  • Thick and durable coil twisted inner steel cable provides maximum protection for your bike
  • 4-combination numerical changeable code
  • Cable cover protects your bicycle's paint from chips and scratches
  • Compatible with BBL-92 CableFix and BBL-93 CableTie

CodeSafe / Lock

You only have to worry about not forgetting the code
4 numbers to keep to yourself and your bike will be fine. The CodeSafe keeps your bike safe and where you left it as long as nobody knows the numerical code. The thick durable cable is covered with a soft material to keep your bike and your bike paint safe and unharmed. A bit of safety is always a good thing and with the CodeSafe you are good to go!


  • Colors Black
  • Sizes 6mm (219g), 10mm (411g)
  • Adjustable code Yes
  • Locking system Code
  • Lock type Cable lock
  • Protection sleeve Yes
  • Safety level 4
  • Diameter 6, 10


Security level

Security level

3 out of 9

Security level

Security level

4 out of 9

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