MTB + Road + Urban /
  • Extra compact and lightweight bicycle lock
  • Special loop design provides extra cable length
  • 3-combination numerical changeable code
  • Tough and durable steel cable gives impressive security
  • Velcro strap can hold the cable lock together while in storage

MicroLoop / Lock

Keep your bike safe and your lock small
Keeping your bike safe and locked is very important, but a bike lock can be very heavy and unpractical. The Microloop is the perfect balance between safety and easy to handle in everyday life.


  • Colors Black
  • Sizes 4.8mmx150cm (125g)
  • Adjustable code Yes
  • Lock type Cable lock
  • Protection sleeve Yes
  • Safety level 2
  • Lock Diameter (mm) 4.8
  • Diameter 4.8


Security level

Security level

2 out of 9

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