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  • Dual wired internal cable for impressive security
  • 120 cm long cable can also be used to secure accessories
  • 3-combination numerical changeable code
  • Velcro strap can hold the cable lock together while in storage

LoopSafe Lock

Extra compact and lightweight bicycle lock
The LoopSafe is the perfect lock for on the way. Small enough to not mind carrying it with you, but big enough to keep thieves away from your bike. The 120 cm long strong cable can be wrapped around your frame and wheels in multiple ways to protect your bike the best way possible. The numerical code can be changed to whatever you want so that you won't forget it. super small and light to carry with you, but an essential part of your bike equipment.
Extra compact

Extra compact

Extra compact and lightweight bicycle lock with two wired internal cable for impressive security. With double loop option for more efficient use of cable length.


  • Weight (g) 165
  • Length (mm) 1200
  • Adjustable code Yes
  • ART-certified No
  • Lock type Cable lock
  • Mounting bracket No
  • Protection sleeve Yes
  • Thickness (mm) 3
  • Colors black
  • Locking system Code


Safety level

Safety level

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