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Model number: BBL-57
  • The ultimate lightweight and compact zip-tie bicycle lock
  • Fast and easy to use zip-tie locking mechanism
  • 3-combination numerical changeable code
  • 11mm wide flat cable with steel core for impressive security
  • 45cm long to safely lock your bike and accessories
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Zip-Ty Lock

A lock that follows the concept of the well-known zip tie. This sturdy and safe lock keeps your bike exactly where you left it. The zip-tie concept is lightweight and allows easy handling and a compact product to put in your bag to carry with you.

Zip-Ty Zip-Ty


  • Safety level 2
  • Adjustable code Yes
  • Material Steel
  • Thickness Lock (mm) 3.5
  • Locktype Cable lock


  • Length (mm) 450
  • Weight (g) 85