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  • Thick and durable coil twisted inner steel cable provides maximum protection
  • Durable lock mechanism, 2 keys included
  • Cable cover protects your bicycle's paint from chips and scratches
  • Compatible with BBL-92 CableFix and BBL-93 CableTie

QuickSafe / Lock

Colorful safety for your bike
From a distance this bike lock already lets people know there is no need to try to steal this bike. The bright colors of the Quicksafe keeps thiefs away from your bike even before they try to steal it. The thick coil twisted steel cable protects your precious bike from the thiefs that still try to steal it.


  • Colors Black, Red, Orange, White
  • Sizes 8mmx150cm (248g)
  • Locking system Key
  • Lock type Cable lock
  • Protection sleeve Yes
  • Safety level 4
  • Lock Diameter (mm) 8
  • Diameter 8


Security level

Security level

4 out of 9

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