E-view clamp mount

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  • Multi adjustable bicycle mirror with anti-glare coating
  • Certified for the use on E-bikes
  • Mounting system for on the handlebar
  • Available in a left and right model

E-view clamp mount Bike Mirror

Bicycle mirror for your e-bike
Knowing what is happening around you is definitely important while riding your bike. Especially on an E-bike, a mirror can be quit useful to see what is happening behind you. The E-view clamp mount mirror is especially designed for E-bike use as it is certified to use on an E-bike. Easy to attach to your handlebar, available as both a left or right mirror. The special anti-glare coating makes sure you will be able to see behind you in all different weather conditions.


Multi adjustable bicycle mirror with anti-glare coating, available in a left and right model to use on either end of the handlebar.

Perfect for your E-bike

Perfect for your E-bike

Certified for E-bike and Speed Pedelec and is compatible with e-bike control panels on the handlebar.


  • E-bike certified Yes
  • Anti glare Yes
  • Mounting system On handlebar
  • Speed Pedelec certified No


E-Bike specific:

E-Bike specific:

These products have been developed and designed particularly for the use on E-bikes. They are built to keep their durability while being exposed to higher speed and heavier bikes. These products comply to the NEN-EN 15194:2017 standard for E-bikes.

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