SpeedWire Polished

MTB + Road /
  • Compatible with Compagnolo.
  • Polished treatment minimizes friction, even lower friction than PTFE-coated cables.
  • Higher durability because there is no coating that can wear out.
  • Golden color for easy identification.
  • Pre-stretched to minimize stretching while mounted on the bike.

SpeedWire Polished C / Shifting cable

Super strong and durable shifting cable with a polished surface
The wires are the reins for you bike! They enable you to give your bike the commands to do what you want. The SpeedWire is a super strong and durable shifting cable that transfers your needs to your chain. The special PTFE-coating makes the wire super smooth and because of the pre-stretching you don't need much adjusting.


  • Colors Gold
  • SpecificationAmount 1
  • SpecificationCableHeadType Campagnolo
  • SpecificationCableQuality Polished
  • SpecificationCablesPartsMaterial Stainless steel