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ShiftLine LC

Model number: BCB-15
  • High end outer shifting cable
  • Ø 4 mm, 2500 mm long shift cable housing
  • Special polymer compound liner for reduced friction
  • Pre-lubricated core liner gives you the perfect greased cable right out of the box
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ShiftLine LC Shifting cable

Nothing better than a smooth shifting bike! The ShiftLine LC is a high end shifting cable that keeps your gears super smooth and precise. The special polymer inside makes sure the inner cable slides super easy trough to shift super fast, without hesitation. Push all the power on your pedals and the Shiftline LC makes sure you are in the right gear!


  • Width (mm) 4
  • Length (mm) 2350
  • Weight (g) 91


  • Cable type Shifting cables
  • Amount (pieces) 1
  • Lubricated core Yes