BrakeWire Road C

Road + Urban /
  • Designed for responsive braking
  • Slick-Stainless (STS)
  • Pre-stretched to minimize stretching while mounted on the bike

BrakeWire Braking cable

Super strong braking cable
If you got the power to accelerate, you also need the power to stop. The BrakeWire Road C is super strong and gives you all the confidence you need. It looks like an ordinairy brake cable, but we integrated a lot of technology. The cables are pre-stretched so that a minimum of adjustment is needed. The Slick-Stainless material is super strong and durable to make sure your brakes a secure super safe and easy to control.


  • Amount (pieces) 1
  • Cable head type Campagnolo
  • Cable quality Slick
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Lubricated core No
  • Cable type Brake cables