RollerBoys Ceramic

  • Equipped with low friction ceramic bearings for ultra-smooth glide and exceptional durability.
  • Narrow Wide tooth profiling ensures ultimate chain retention.
  • Composite material provided by EMS Swiss, with 40% glass-fiber mixture.
  • Lubricated with special ceramic light oil for extra smoothness.
  • Compatible with SRAM 12-speed MTB.

RollerBoys / Derailleur Pulleys

These boys will keep you rolling forever!
The Rollerboys Ceramic will make your bike ride so smooth that you will never stop anymore! The composite material is strong and durable and the special teeth pattern makes sure you can shift to a higher gear with the speed of light! The ceramic bearings make sure your pulleys will roll so smooth that you never want to stop riding anymore. High quality pulley wheels are a must have for every serious bike rider, with the RollerBoys Ceramic you are good to go!


  • Colors Black
  • Compatible with brands SRAM
  • Part materials Grivory EMS
  • Gears 12-speed
  • Bearings material Ceramic
  • Narrow wide Tension pulley only
  • Pulley size 12/14T