MudCatcher II

  • Easy to install downtube mounted fender due to two elastomer straps
  • Made with composite material with softer TPR flap
  • Suited for extreme mountain biking

MudCatcher II / Fender

Easy to install downtube front fender
This mountainbike fender catches the mud before it completely covers your bike. The easy to attach elastomer straps make it easy to take off or put it on whenever you want. The mudcatcher II is attached to the downtube of your frame and will fit almost every bike to keep you clean on every ride.


  • Colors Black
  • SpecificationMountingLocation Downtube
  • SpecificationMountingSystem Quick-release
  • SpecificationQuickReleaseType Rubber Strap
  • SpecificationFenderMaterial NBR, PP, TPR
  • Width (cm) 9.2
  • Weight (g) 75
  • SpecFenderTireWidth 65