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Best balance between aerodynamics and thermodynamics.

Looking for the best combination between speed and ventilation? The Tithon is your best choice.
The smooth surface cuts through the wind, while the two big air vents channel air over your head. A third smaller vent just above your eyebrows controls the airflow over the centre of your head. The performances of this high-tech helmet are already proven by our pro riders who use the Tithon.


  • Best balance between aerodynamics and thermodynamics.
  • Airflow Cooling System (ACS) design.
  • High density EPS foam.
  • Hidden strap anchors.
  • Venturi channeling for optimum airflow.
  • Lightweight adjustable straps for a perfect and comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight multi angle strap dividers.
  • Omega fit system, adjusts height and circumference.
  • Optimized airflow padding design.
  • QuickDry padding.
  • Best balance between aero and thermodynamics
  • Air vents: 5.
  • Shell construction: Double In-mold.


Airflow Cooling System (ACS)

Airflow Cooling System (ACS)

When you are cycling intensive, you produce a lot of heat. Overheating your body will reduce your performance. Because of the large surface of your head, up to 40% of body heat can be lost by your head. Wearing a helmet normally is bad for ventilation. That’s why we invented the Airflow Cooling System (ACS) for our Icarus helmet. Due to the special design of not only the foam shape, but also the padding, the air pulled in and channeled to pass around your head. This guarantees optimum heat control of your head.

Reflective accents

Reflective accents

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