Model number: BHE-22
  • With MIPS layer for extra safety
  • With removable visor
  • Lowered rear and temple provide extra protection
  • The 14 vents provide great ventilation
  • The fit system can easily be adjusted with one hand
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Dune Cycling Helmet

The Dune is a multifunctional helmet that can be used for all sorts of sportive rides. It doesn’t matter if you want to go into the forest or try to improve your speed record on the road. The Dune will bring you back home safely anyway. Due to the MIPS system and lowered rear and temple the helmet provides you with extra protection. This makes the Dune just a little bit safer. This ensures that the sensitive areas on the head are safe from impact from any angle. Furthermore the helmet is provided with a smart design with a removable visor. The Dune is the best combination of our mountain bike and road helmets and stands its ground on all surfaces.


  • Sizes S,M,L
  • MIPS C2
  • Gender Kids, Men, Unisex, Women
  • Air vents 14
  • Dividers Sliding system
  • Foam material EPS
  • Shell material PC
  • Complies with CPSC, EN-1078
  • Padding thickness (mm) 6
  • Padding type Airflow optimized, Washable
  • Shell construction InMold (single shell)
  • Straps Standard
  • Visor Removable
  • Colors matt black,matt gray/white,matt neon yellow




The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is designed to add protection against rotational motion (or kinematics) transmitted to the brain from angled impacts to the head. Rotational motion is a combination of rotational energy (angular velocity) and rotational forces from angular acceleration that both affect the brain and increase the risk for minor and severe brain injuries. MIPS’ added protection system has been proven to reduce rotational motion when implemented in a helmet by redirecting energies and forces otherwise transmitted to the brain.

Airflow Cooling System (ACS)

Airflow Cooling System (ACS)

When you are cycling intensively, you produce a lot of heat. Overheating your body will reduce your performance. Because of the large surface of your head, up to 40% of the body's heat can be dissipated by your head. Wearing a helmet reduces the ability for the body to accommodate that. That’s why we have invented the Airflow Cooling System (ACS) helmet. Due to the special design of the shape of the foam and padding, the air is drawn in and channeled to pass around and over your head. This guarantees an optimum balance between safety and wearer comfort.

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