Semi-Integrated Tapered

MTB + Road + Urban /
  • Semi-integrated tapered headset
  • Bearing diameter: 1.1/8-1.5" - 41.0-51.8 mm.
  • Open crown for easy installation

Semi-Integrated Tapered Headset

Heads up!
The Integrated headset keeps your handlebar turning nice and smooth to make sure you can take every corner as tight as you want, and the durable sealed bearings makes sure you can keep doing that for a long time!


  • Bearings included BHP-182, BHP-185
  • Cone spacer diameter (mm) 50
  • Cone spacer height (mm) 15
  • Crown race included Yes
  • Fork size (inch) 1.1/8 - 1.1/2
  • Bearings material CrMo
  • Headset type Zero Stack (ZS) / Semi-Integrated
  • Headtube lower/inner diameter (mm) 44
  • Headtube upper/inner diameter (mm) 56
  • Open crown race No
  • S.H.I.S. Lower ZS56/40
  • S.H.I.S. Upper ZS44/28.6


CrMo bearings

CrMo bearings

Sealed CrMo bearings.




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