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RoadForce II

Model number: BHS-08
  • Lightweight and durable stem for 31.8mm handlebars
  • Lightweight and durable road bike stem
  • Designed for 31.8 mm handlebars
  • 6° angle for optimal riding position and comfort
  • Compatible with BHS-91 Stemfix and BHS-92 GoFix bracket
  • Certified to use on all types of bikes including MTB and E-bikes
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RoadForce II Handlebar Stem

Your handlebar stem can change the behaviour of your bike completely; the angle, length and stiffness make all the difference. The RoadForce II has a 6 degrees angle that makes you handlebar drop or rise, whatever you prefer. The RoadForce II is available in 9 different sizes to make sure there is always a stem that fits your position. The Roadforce II is certified for E-bike, road, touring and mountainbike. You got the power to control, we provide you the tools.


  • Sizes 45mm (120g), 60mm (120g), 70mm (130g), 80mm (130g), 90mm (150g), 100mm (150g), 110mm (160g), 120mm (160g), 130mm (170g), 40mm (120g), 50mm (120g)


  • Stem type Fixed
  • Angle (degrees) -6 / +6
  • Material 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Bar center diameter (mm) 31.8
  • Di2 Compatible No
  • E-bike certified Yes
  • Fork pipe diameter (mm) 28.6mm (1 1/8")
  • Compatible with BHS-91 Stemfix, BHS-92 Gofix
  • Certified for E-Bike (EN 15194), MTB (EN 14766 / ISO 4210), Road (EN 14781 / ISO 4210), Touring (EN 14764 / ISO 4210)
  • Stack height 40 mm
Handlebar center diameter

Handlebar center diameter

The handlebar center diameter refers to the size of the handlebar where it attaches to the stem or another accessory. This diameter can vary between different types of bikes. Common sizes include 31.8mm for road bikes and mountain bikes, and 25.4mm for trekking and city bikes. Check your handlebar's center diameter to ensure compatibility when purchasing a new stem.

Stem angle

Stem angle

The angle of a cycling stem, often called 'rise,' impacts your riding position. A stem with a 0º angle is perpendicular to the steerer tube. Positive angles, like +6º, raise your handlebar, creating a more upright position. In contrast, a double-angled stem or flipping the stem creates a negative angle, making your upper body flatter and more aerodynamic. Our range includes stems with varying degrees of rise, from zero to -40º to +60º. It's essential to test different stems for the best fit or consult your local bike shop or get a bike fit for personalized advice.