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RaceRibbon Gel

Model number: BHT-05
  • Get the race feeling in your hands
  • Extra thick 3.5mm comfortable tape with gel backing
  • EVA-foam gives you a firm no-slip and shock absorbent grip
  • Stretch material makes it easy to wrap around the handebars
  • Finish tape and handlebar plugs included
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RaceRibbon Gel Handlebar Tape

Looking for some extra comfort? The RaceRibbon Gel is the perfect absorption between your handlebar and your hands. The extra thick EVA-foam protects your hands against vibrations and shocks, and to ensure the best comfort, the gel back makes this bartape perfect for every bumpy ride. Available in two different colors.

RaceRibbon Gel RaceRibbon Gel
RaceRibbon Gel RaceRibbon Gel
RaceRibbon Gel RaceRibbon Gel
RaceRibbon Gel RaceRibbon Gel
RaceRibbon Gel RaceRibbon Gel


  • Tape thickness (mm) 3.5
  • Grip Better
  • Material EVA Foam
  • Damping Much
  • Finishing tape included Yes
  • Handlebar plugs included Yes
  • Fixation Gel


  • Weight (g) 90
Damping level: 7

Damping level: 7

A handlebar tape with comfort level 6-9 offers a lot of damping, feels soft and absorbs vibrations from the road surface well. With a handlebar tape with a lot of damping, you can count on a lot of comfort, also off-road or on bad road surfaces. Ideal for cycling long distances. A lot of damping reduces the amount of 'feeling' with the bike a little bit as the feedback from your bike disappears slightly.

Grip level: 6

Grip level: 6

A handlebar tape with grip level 4-6 or a better grip performs well in both dry and wet conditions. They strike a balance between grip and maneuverability. Offer a steady hold on the handlebars while still allowing some hand movement. These tapes are suitable for a variety of riding conditions.