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Model number: BHT-15
  • High-end tape made of strong and resilient polyurethane for maximum grip
  • Anti-slip BBB cut pattern design to provide superior hold
  • Special shock proof microfiber material absorbs shock for more riding comfort
  • The surface is easy to clean and assures perfect grip in every weather condition
  • Each roll is long enough to ensure complete coverage on all handlebar sizes
  • Finishing tape and handlebar plugs included
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UltraRibbon handlebar tape

The UltraRibbon is one of our high-end multipurpose bar tapes. The special BBB-cut antislip surface feels super comfortable in every weather condition and looks amazing on every bike. Subtle but classy! The special shockproof material keeps your hands comfortable and fresh to make sure you feel just as fresh before as after your ride. Treat yourself with some comfort and looks!


  • Tape thickness (mm) 2.5
  • Grip Better
  • Material PU Foam
  • Damping Much
  • Finishing tape included Yes
  • Handlebar plugs included Yes
  • Fixation Glue strip


  • Weight (g) 63
Damping level: 6

Damping level: 6

A handlebar tape with comfort level 3-6 offers average damping and combines the best of both worlds. It absorbs shocks and vibrations from the road surface well while retaining a feel for the road or surface you are riding on. Your hands will get less tired with more damping while control is still present.

Grip level: 9

Grip level: 9

A handlebar tape with grip level 7-9 or the best grip gives you a lot of grip in both dry and wet conditions. They ensure a firm and secure hold on the handlebars and are particularly suitable for riders who prioritize maximum grip and stability, especially when riding on rough terrain or in challenging weather conditions. These tapes provide excellent control and minimize the risk of hand slippage. This gives you extra control over your bike.