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Bicycle lights explained: modes

8 July 2022
Bicycle lights explained: modes

Bicycle lights explained: modes

8 July 2022
Bicycle lights explained: modes

Bicycle lights explained: modes

08 Jul. 2022

In our series of blogs about lights, we explain several aspects that determine the quality of lights. We explain some technical terms that are important and give you some in-depth information about our lights.

In this blog, we will explain a bit more about the different modes that our lights have. All our lights have a series of modes that change the Lumen output of the light. This makes a headlight or rear light more versatile. Because you can use it in different situations where different light demands are required.

Let your light shine bright

What do different modes do?

The different modes on a light change the Lumen output. For example; a light has a maximum Lumen output of 500 Lumen in its brightest mode. In addition to this, the light may have a medium and low mode of respectively 250 and 100 Lumen.

A bright Lumen output means also a higher energy consumption, which causes your battery to run out quicker. It can be quite handy to be able to switch to a lower mode to reduce energy consumption and thus have a longer run time. On the other hand, sometimes you just need a lot of light to be able to safely ride your bike. Different modes on your light allow you to switch easily and adjust your lights to your needs. This way, you are well-equipped in every situation!

Low mode

The lowest Lumen output of a particular light. Often used in well-lit situations like riding through the city or on lit roads. Turning your light to this mode saves a significant amount of energy which results in a longer runtime.

Standard mode

This is often a nice in-between Lumen output. It is an abundance of light to become visible to other traffic in well-lit situations. Besides, in this mode you will be able to see the road ahead of you and still save some energy to increase the runtime to keep riding your bike in the dark.

High mode

The high mode is perfect for dark situations, to see and to be seen. This is often the highest Lumen output a light can produce. The runtime will be reduced, but light coverage is optimal and you will be very visible for other traffic! No possibility of missing any obstacles anymore.


Overview of the modes

The three standard modes are explained above, but that's not all. Most of our lights have a range of extra modes available. To get a quick overview of what modes your preferred light has, take a look at our highlighted features on the product page where you will find a similar table as shown below. Here, you can easily see what modes are available on a light, the corresponding amount of Lumen, and the runtime of the light in that mode.

Lumen lights table

Other modes

Ready to buy your new light!

Now, you have gained a little bit more knowledge about different modes. You are ready to search for your new bicycle lights. All our lights are designed for a specific range of situations.

Take a look at the product pages of our lights and get some more information about our different models. If you want to learn more about our lights, read the buyer's guide and our other blogs in the series 'bicycle lights explained'.