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Your weekend away | Bikepacking Packlist

27 May 2021
Your weekend away | Bikepacking Packlist

Your weekend away | Bikepacking Packlist

27 May 2021
Your weekend away | Bikepacking Packlist

Your weekend away | Bikepacking Packlist

27 May. 2021

Your weekend away | Bikepacking Packlist


Bikepacking.. it’s hot! And we understand why like no other. You can get on your bike in front of your house and ride far, as far as you want. Bikepacking weekend trips are a great way to give you that holiday feeling. And it often feels longer than just two days when spent on the bike. Many hotels and hostels are bike friendly and provide a safe space to leave your bike. Or you can take your tent, go camping in the wild or find a comfortable spot at a campsite.

It can be pretty difficult to pack and you often take more with you than needed. We’ve come up with a Bikepacking Packlist to help you along the way.

1. Bikepacking bags

When going away for just a weekend and staying comfortably in hotels or hostels, you are often fine with just taking a seat pack, such as the Seat Sidekick, and a frame bag, such as the Middle Mate. Some people also like to bring a top-tube bag or snack-bag to have easy access to snacks. If you want to bring a tent, we recommend taking a bar bag with you such as the Front Fellow.

2. Clothing to bring with you

It can be pretty difficult to think about what clothing to bring. You may think it’s obvious, but always check the weather forecast before you start packing. Is there a chance of rain? How warm is it going to be? Am I still going out into town after having arrived? We suggest that you bring multi-functional clothing such leg warmers and arm warmers that you can wear while riding but also when going out with a pair of lightweight shorts and a t-shirt. It might not be as flattering as what you would wear at home, but it definitely saves room in your bags. If there’s a chance of rain, bring your rain coat. The last thing you want is getting wet when you still need to ride far.

Depending on what you are wearing on the day of departure, we suggest you use the seat pack for the items below, assuming that the weather is above 14 degrees Celsius.

1x Bib-short
1x Short sleeve jersey
1x Base layer
1x Arm warmers
1x Leg warmers
1x Wind gilet
                1x Lightweight shorts
1x T-shirt
1x Down jacket (if cold at night)
1x Rain jacket
1x Cycling socks
1x Under garments
Lightweight slippers or shoes

3. Packable toiletries

Men don’t need much more than a toothbrush and some toothpaste, but women do. Make sure you buy all toiletries in a small size that can be obtained at the pharmacy. You don’t want to carry more bulk and weight than is needed. Try to leave your make-up at home. We know this can be difficult, but trust us, you’ll be happy about it.

So where do you leave your toiletries? We suggest to put it all together in a zip-lock and in your frame bag.  You can easily roll it to a small size and it will sit snugly in your frame bag. You could put it in your seat pack, but because of the odd sizes it will be difficult to pack efficiently.

4. Bike tools when bikepacking

When you set out on a bikepacking trip, you really hope that nothing breaks and that you don’t get a flat tire. Unfortunately, these things do happen and you need to come prepared. So what do you need to bring with you?

We recommend bringing a larger multitool than normal such as the Primfold XL. Next to the most common hex keys, this multitool also consists of a chain tool, spoke wrenches and a knife. Some tire levers, an inner tube and a minipump are essentials when you get a flat tire. Don’t forget to bring them along with you.

Besides having the right tools with you, we also recommend to bring some chain lubrication. Our friends at Dynamic Bike Care offer a wide range of different lubrication, from Allround Lube to Speed Potion Wax co-created with Team Jumbo Visma. 


5. Be visible with lights

It’s always a good idea to bring a set of lights as you may still be on the move when it gets dark or during misty weather. Even if you think you won’t need them, still bring them and be prepared. You can easily attach the rear light to your seat pack to keep it visible.   

6. Don’t forget a derailleur hanger

Last but not least… If you are going off-road bikepacking, we also recommend to invest in a few derailleur hangers. Your derailleur is not attached to your frame directly, a derailleur hanger is added in between your derailleur and your frame to protect your frame. So instead of your frame breaking when falling on your derailleur, the hanger will bend or break instead. Every bike frame has a specific derailleur hanger created. Often your dealer will know where to get the correct one.   

Bikepacking Holland

Looking for a place to stay during your bikepacking weekend? Our partner Bikepacking Holland would love to welcome you! Bikepacking Holland is a network of 15 bike friendly hostels that offer various bike facilities throughout the the Netherlands. Next to being able to store your bike safely, they give you the opportunity to use the Toolstation with most needed tools provided by us and also to clean your bike with products from Dynamic Bike Care. Not only do you get the care that you deserve, but your bike does as well!