SpyCombo USB

MTB + Road + Urban /
  • Set of Spy USB headlight and rearlight BLS-125 / BLS-126
  • Multifunctional helmet/arm/bike mount included
  • USB-cable included
  • Including multifunctional helmet/arm mount

SpyCombo USB / Light set

Powerfull mini safety lightset for use on and off the bicycle
Combipack of the Spy front light and rear light. Multifunctional lights for use in the city. Also a good light to use on outdoor activities where visibility is key, such as running or walking your dog.


  • Battery indicator Yes
  • Battery type Lithium Polymer
  • Beam pattern Round
  • Brackets included SPY combo bracket
  • USB cable Micro USB
  • USB regarchable Yes




Regulated lights emit over their entire burn time a constant amount of light due to an electronic regulation system. Is the battery (pack) empty, can’t the same amount of light be emitted anymore, than the light will automatically turn off. Because you don’t want to be surprised, these lamps feature a battery indicator.

USB rechargeable

USB rechargeable

Quick and easy rechargeable by usb.

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