NanoStrike 400

Road + Urban /
  • Headlight with extreme power to size ratio
  • Day Flash mode (400lm) for daytime visibility
  • City mode (15Lm) for a very long runtime to bring you home
  • With strap bracket to mount it almost everywhere on the bike
  • Alumium head with AirFlow Cooling System (ACS) for optimal performance

NanoStrike 400 / Headlight

With unmatched power to size ratio
When you want a small headlight with as much power as possible, you have to go for the NanoStrike. This light is literally nano, compact with outstanding brightness. And provided with an efficient LED which improves burn time.
400 Lumen

400 Lumen

400 Lumen headlight with unmatched power to size ratio and an alumium head with AirFlow cooling system (ACS) for optimal performance.

Strap bracket

Strap bracket

Strap bracket (StrapFix, BLS-192) included that fits on Ø22-52mm and is aerobar compatible.



With a city mode (15Lm) for a very long runtime to bring you home and day flash mode (400Lm) for daytime visibility.


  • Colors Black
  • Battery indicator Yes
  • SpecificationBattery Lithium Polymer
  • SpecificationBatteryCapacity 1050
  • SpecificationBatteryVoltage 3.7
  • SpecificationBeamPattern Round
  • SpecificationBracketsIncluded StrapFix (BLS-192)
  • SpecificationChargeTime 3
  • SpecificationLightSource LED
  • SpecificationLux10M 31
  • SpecificationLux1M 3120
  • SpecificationMaxBeamDistance 112
  • SpecificationMaxLumenFlashMode 400
  • SpecificationMaxLumenSteadyMode 400
  • SpecificationModus Boost, City, Dayflash, Flash, High, Standard
  • SpecificationUSBCable Micro USB
  • SpecificationUSBRechargable Yes
  • SpecificationWaterproofIPX IPX4
  • Height (cm) 3.2
  • Width (cm) 3.9
  • Weight (g) 65