Road + Urban /
  • Set of Stud headlight and Spot rear light BLS-141 / BLS-147
  • Rechargeable via mini USB

StudCombo / Light set

Ideal lightset to see and be seen in and around the city
One of our most compact and easy to use headlight combined with one of our most versatile rear lights. The StudCombo is the perfect combination for in the city. With the Stud head light you make sure you won't blind anybody, the square light beam keeps the light low, but still very comfortable for you to see what's in front of you. The Spot rearlight has a great visibility with it's 3 LEDs and with its strap it is easy to attach everywhere on your bike or your clothes.


  • Colors Black
  • SpecificationUSBCable Micro USB
  • SpecificationUSBRechargable Yes