CenterMount 2.0

  • Fits on Ø31.8 and Ø35.0mm handlebars
  • Can be used in left and right sided orientation
  • Also suitable for GoPro mounting
  • Compatible with all BBB Cycling headlights with TightFix system

CenterMount 2.0 Bracket

Attach your headlight exactly in the middle of your bike. The CenterMount 2.0 makes it happen! The secure and safe CenterMount 2.0 can be used for a wide variety of products. All BBB Cycling lights with the TightFix system, GoPro cameras, and bike computers can be mounted in both left or right orientation. Ideal for a super sleek and orderly cockpit on your bike!

CenterMount 2.0 CenterMount 2.0


  • Sizes Universal (40g)
  • Battery indicator No
  • Certification StVZO No
  • Colors black
  • USB regarchable No
  • Remote Control No
  • Base Mode No