EnergyPack USB

MTB + Road + Urban /


  • Spare battery for the Scope BLS-67/68/69 when you are in desperate need of prolonged battery life.
  • Compatible with USB charged devices, like phones or lights (Through USB output).
  • LG lithium ion external battery pack (3200mAh, 7.2V).
  • 5-Steps power level indicator.
  • Anti-scratch silicone protection.
  • Velcro strap included.
  • Charger not included.
  • Charger not included.
  • Weight (g): 200.
  • Height x width x length (mm): 32 x 55 x 105.




Regulated lights emit over their entire burn time a constant amount of light due to an electronic regulation system. Is the battery (pack) empty, can’t the same amount of light be emitted anymore, than the light will automatically turn off. Because you don’t want to be surprised, these lamps feature a battery indicator.

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