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  • Compatible with Look KEO pedal systems
  • Float: 7.0°
  • Rubber anti-slip surface

MultiClip Pedal

Grip on the pedals is one of the important things of cycling. The Multiclip will give you that grip together with all Look KEO system pedals. 7 degrees of freedom to make sure you can move enough on the pedals. Antislip rubber pads to make even your walk off the bike comfortable and secure.


  • Width (mm) 7
  • Clipless system Look Keo
  • Float (degrees)
  • Weight (g) 49
  • Length (mm) 7
  • Colors red
  • Toe clip compatible No
  • Removable pins No
  • Reflectors No
  • Including cleats No


E-Bike ready:

E-Bike ready:

These products can be used on a wide range of bicycles. They can confidently be used on E-bikes. These products comply to the NEN-EN 15194:2017 standard for E-bikes.

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