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EasyPack M

Model number: BSB-31M
  • High-end saddlebag with top of the line materials and features
  • Blue interior for optimal visibility of the contents
  • Elastic strap and inside pocket for easy organization of your cargo
  • With mounting strap for a LED rear light
  • Works well with BBB light Spot BLS-147
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EasyPack M Saddlebag

The EasyPack is an easy pack, but it has all you need; storage space! Your extra tube, some levers, your CO2 cartridge etc. The inside liner is lightblue to make it easier to find your stuff under your saddle. Easy to attach due to its velcro straps and a waterproof zipper to make sure all your belongings will stay dry even during the rain. The Easypack is available in three different sizes, to make sure you got exactly the storage space you need, so take a look at the other ones too and we wish you good luck with making your choice.


  • Sizes M (119g)
  • Volume (ml) 640
  • Width (mm) 80
  • Length (mm) 145
  • Height (cm) 85


  • Bag position Saddle
  • Mounting type Hook and loop strap, Silicon strap
  • Closing system Zipper
  • Bag material Nylon, Polyester
  • Waterproofness Water resistant
  • Light hanger Yes
  • Easy-to-mount/remove Yes
  • Reflection Yes