MTB + Road /
  • Large pressure relieving cut-out
  • Curved tail reduces strain on lower back by rotating the pelvis.
  • Relative flat sit area for more stable position
  • Cover made of durable synthetic nylon
  • Available in three widths

Comfortable cut-out

When comfort and performance unite
Nobody ever told us that saddle sore is part of the deal. So, when it comes to sportive or even competitive road cycling you want to sit in the saddle for a long time without any pain. Comfortable and enjoying cycling to the fullest. That is why comfort is a major point of interest for us. The Echelon takes care of your comfort with its anatomic cut-out and three different width sizes. So, saddle sore is no longer part of your ride.


  • High performance Road/MTB saddle for Competitive cycling posture.
  • Pressure relieving cut-out which keeps the blood flow intact and eliminates pressure points under the pubic arch.
  • Also available: 155 x 265 mm (BSD-142) and 165 x 265 mm (BSD-143) also available.
  • Carbon reinforced shell.
  • Superlight EVA foam with hard density for good support on long rides.
  • Durable synthetic cover.
  • Waterproof.
  • Waterproof.
  • Anatomic hole
  • Density 2/9
  • Rail: Hollow CrMo.
  • Sitbone width (mm): < 135.
  • Weight (gr): 278.
  • Length x width (mm): 265 x 145.



Unisex design.


Cycling posture: Competitive.


Cycling posture: Sportive.



Comfort level

1 out of 9

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